Monday, September 30, 2013

Pants trend for winter 2015

Pants, although they were worn for centuries in domestic activities, have become part of women's fashion until 1913, when designer Paul Poiret created the first pair of trousers - harem pants inspired by Scheherazade. But only in 1960 the company accepts trousers for women as a fashion item out in society - at school, in restaurants, the theater, and in 1969 Charlotte Reid was the first woman to wear pants in the political space, the United States Congress. Currently pants are equally useful and act like a pair of socks, and designers compete in every season give us designs and cuts which not only delight with originality, but we also emphasize femininity. Behold trends in pants for the 2013-2014 winter season:

Very high waisted trousers
The lines that stands out in size are adored by designers this season, so I have to say with delight that behaves very high waisted pants. The more interesting part is that we meet on most models high-waisted pants: harem, up or male. A reason to integrate them in our wardrobe this fall.

Another trend that I adored this season is represented pants with masculine cut, with straight lines and very large. Wear very high heels, assorted accessories and feminine tops, they will be able to create a unique contrast in the outfit, perfect to impress with elegance even in a business environment.

We can only rejoice that a trend that resist the charts a few good seasons, is found now on the catwalks. Most designers had at least one model of leather pants, but the majority were tight, highlighting the female line of the leg, being present in both casual-chic, and in the office or elegant outfits. Enough to convince us of their versatility, huh?

Another reason to celebrate is given by existing sticker on the catwalks designers. Their comfort here it is again considered, and turned into style by special models with prints, high-waisted, of precious metal or assorted kept simple but unique.

Cut up, although it is somewhat difficult because it does not fit any figure, is still adored by designers, we offer exciting designs this season. More precisely, in the gate slightly masculine lines with stripe, those who stop above the ankle but the length low waist models.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Knitted Sweaters For Fall Winter 2015

The lovely knitted sweaters out of the dressing-rooms the streets, marking an old love seasonal fashion reconfirmed this year. Stars are the first to bring new chic sweaters knitted in contexts in which we can inspire held election season.

From summer shirt to the end of autumn jacket, is a segment of the conquered weeks cute knitted sweaters. In cheerful shades or prints hip with oversized cuts and gentle textures, they have been chosen by celebrities and integrated into stylish outfits.

Sweaters knitted sexy? Why not? Blake Lively proves it! Fearne Cotton - The TV is a fashionista and every outfit has convinced at least one element of visual impact. This time it is even oversized sweater with polka dots, a comfortable and attractive piece, which you can integrate in outfits that go shopping or to the park.

Black and white, color combination eternal reinvents itself periodically, in so many ways. Try two classic black sweater plus skirt with graphic design, but give them a modern rock combining them with boots.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Leather Jackets Trends Fall Winter 2015

Leather jacket recovers its rights, with the official arrival but slightly premature to fall. If in the past September mean temperatures over the top friendly and casual blazers sensitive sites now get straight to the Thick-items, and the first on the list is of course the star of the season, the leather jacket.

Even if you already have a leather jacket that you love and you want another one, or you're on your first date, it is the perfect time to roam the shops and acquire you the much desired item.

Trends Fall / Winter in 2013 - 2014 in leather jackets do not differ greatly from previous years. Whether you go on a classic style, the variations biker or trench-coat, knee length, you'll feel comfortable and in line with the trends of the cold season.

If you want to opt for the classic version, the most suitable black leather jackets. Versatile, easy to handle in almost any combination of clothing from the ultra-sport (a pair of sweatpants, some boots and a blouse of training) to evening outfits (long dresses elegant) is certainly one of the essential parts , you should not miss in your wardrobe. Biker leather jackets are also still very popular, but for a touch of originality you can choose a model accessorised with fur neck or a mix of classic leather and suede.

All of the "classic", I recommend you try light shades such as ecru site, one of the dominant colors of this season. Choose a model body arched and wear it on your body midi dresses in similar shades and heels for a look that will attract more customers.

If you prefer longer jackets which will provide a high degree of comfort, go with the a leather trench coat with a drawstring at the waist, which will highlight the beautiful forms. You can match a variety of outfits, from jeans to classic office outfits.

Those who prefer strong colors, I suggest to wear a leather jacket this season burgundy or dark blue, two other colors that have seized the hearts pasionatelor fashion throughout this period.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Musette launched fall winter 2014 collection

A style based on multifunctional technology, the need for movement, an original combination of materials and shapes Musette's New Collection launched.

 "It all starts with a great passion, a desire to convey what we feel it's really important, from DNA Musette, trying to find each collection is valuable and immortal. Skin, nails, wood, associated with talent and work philosophy turns Musette - a new line, in the form of pure luxury. quality natural materials and artisanal construction do exist dozens of steps that a product through to get to Musette ii Cristhelen labeled B, "said Cristina herons, creative director of the brand.

 This season collection is influenced by the new experience - Vienna, pointed arches of the church of St. Stephen and its colorful roof tiles. A mixture of rock, gothic and grunge - rock strength color for richness and thoroughness gothic grunge detailed for functionality and simplicity.