Monday, September 16, 2013

Musette launched fall winter 2014 collection

A style based on multifunctional technology, the need for movement, an original combination of materials and shapes Musette's New Collection launched.

 "It all starts with a great passion, a desire to convey what we feel it's really important, from DNA Musette, trying to find each collection is valuable and immortal. Skin, nails, wood, associated with talent and work philosophy turns Musette - a new line, in the form of pure luxury. quality natural materials and artisanal construction do exist dozens of steps that a product through to get to Musette ii Cristhelen labeled B, "said Cristina herons, creative director of the brand.

 This season collection is influenced by the new experience - Vienna, pointed arches of the church of St. Stephen and its colorful roof tiles. A mixture of rock, gothic and grunge - rock strength color for richness and thoroughness gothic grunge detailed for functionality and simplicity.