Monday, September 30, 2013

Pants trend for winter 2015

Pants, although they were worn for centuries in domestic activities, have become part of women's fashion until 1913, when designer Paul Poiret created the first pair of trousers - harem pants inspired by Scheherazade. But only in 1960 the company accepts trousers for women as a fashion item out in society - at school, in restaurants, the theater, and in 1969 Charlotte Reid was the first woman to wear pants in the political space, the United States Congress. Currently pants are equally useful and act like a pair of socks, and designers compete in every season give us designs and cuts which not only delight with originality, but we also emphasize femininity. Behold trends in pants for the 2013-2014 winter season:

Very high waisted trousers
The lines that stands out in size are adored by designers this season, so I have to say with delight that behaves very high waisted pants. The more interesting part is that we meet on most models high-waisted pants: harem, up or male. A reason to integrate them in our wardrobe this fall.

Another trend that I adored this season is represented pants with masculine cut, with straight lines and very large. Wear very high heels, assorted accessories and feminine tops, they will be able to create a unique contrast in the outfit, perfect to impress with elegance even in a business environment.

We can only rejoice that a trend that resist the charts a few good seasons, is found now on the catwalks. Most designers had at least one model of leather pants, but the majority were tight, highlighting the female line of the leg, being present in both casual-chic, and in the office or elegant outfits. Enough to convince us of their versatility, huh?

Another reason to celebrate is given by existing sticker on the catwalks designers. Their comfort here it is again considered, and turned into style by special models with prints, high-waisted, of precious metal or assorted kept simple but unique.

Cut up, although it is somewhat difficult because it does not fit any figure, is still adored by designers, we offer exciting designs this season. More precisely, in the gate slightly masculine lines with stripe, those who stop above the ankle but the length low waist models.